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Supersoils 101: Creating the Ultimate Soil Mix for Cannabis Growing

Growing cannabis requires attention to various details, one of which is the quality of the soil used. Supersoil is a term that describes a highly nutritious soil mix, often organic, that provides the cannabis plant with optimal nutrients throughout its growth cycle. In this article, we will break down the basics of what supersoil is, […]

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Reading the Leaves: Identifying Nutrient Deficiencies in Cannabis

One of the most essential skills a cannabis cultivator can develop is the ability to identify nutrient deficiencies. Like a doctor reading symptoms to diagnose a condition, growers can often ascertain what’s lacking in their plant’s diet by simply observing its leaves and overall appearance. This article offers a guide on spotting and understanding common […]

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The Nutrient Lifecycle of Cannabis: Feeding the Green Goddess

The cannabis plant, like any living organism, has a lifecycle with varying nutritional needs. Understanding the nutrient requirements during each phase of growth not only maximizes yield but also ensures a healthy and potent harvest. Let’s delve into the stages of cannabis’s life and its corresponding nutrient needs. 1. Seedling Stage The seedling stage is […]

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