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The Art and Science of Cannabis Breeding

Introduction Cannabis breeding is an intricate blend of art and science, undertaken to combine or enhance particular traits of plants. With the burgeoning interest in medical and recreational cannabis, breeders aim to produce strains that not only yield more but also have specific flavors, cannabinoid profiles, or resistance to pests. Here’s a high-level overview at […]

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Water Curing Cannabis: Diving Deep into the Science and Methodology

Cannabis curing is an indispensable post-harvest step. While many are familiar with traditional air curing, an alternative known as water curing is making waves in the cannabis community. This article will delve into water curing, the science behind it, its advantages, disadvantages, and a guide for home-growers. Understanding Water Curing At its core, water curing […]

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The Cannabinoid Development Cycle in Cannabis: The Journey of CBG

Cannabis has been recognized for its diverse array of therapeutic and recreational properties, a significant portion of which is credited to its unique compounds called cannabinoids. These compounds are the primary drivers behind the plant’s effects on the human body, particularly in the endocannabinoid system. At the heart of the cannabinoid development cycle is a […]

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