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Water Curing Cannabis: Diving Deep into the Science and Methodology

Cannabis curing is an indispensable post-harvest step. While many are familiar with traditional air curing, an alternative known as water curing is making waves in the cannabis community. This article will delve into water curing, the science behind it, its advantages, disadvantages, and a guide for home-growers. Understanding Water Curing At its core, water curing […]

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Curing Cannabis: Preserving Potency and Flavor at Home

Curing cannabis is a crucial step in the post-harvest process. Much like aging wine, the curing process allows for the refinement of cannabinoid and terpene profiles, enhancing flavor, potency, and the overall smoking experience. But how is it done, especially if you’re a home grower? Let’s delve into the art of curing cannabis and explore […]

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