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Mastering SCROG: A Guide to Screen of Green Cannabis Cultivation at Home

For home growers seeking to maximize their cannabis yield in limited spaces, the Screen of Green (SCROG) technique is a game-changer. It involves using a screen to train the cannabis plants, ensuring they grow in a flat, even canopy. SCROG not only optimizes space but also light exposure, which can significantly boost your harvest. Let’s delve into this intriguing cultivation method and learn how to SCROG like a pro at home.

Understanding the SCROG Technique

The Principle: Cannabis plants naturally tend to grow upwards, with the main cola (or tip) reaching the highest point. SCROG, however, aims to spread the plant horizontally across a screen, creating a uniform canopy. This even canopy ensures that all bud sites receive optimal light, leading to a more bountiful and consistent yield.

Setting Up a SCROG System at Home

  1. Choose the Right Strain: While SCROGging can be applied to almost any cannabis strain, it’s particularly effective with Sativas or Sativa-dominant hybrids, as they tend to stretch more.
  2. Preparation: Start by topping your plant, which means cutting the main stem’s tip to encourage branching.
  3. Install a Screen:
    • Material: Use a sturdy screen, like welded wire fencing or netting with squares ranging from 2 to 4 inches.
    • Placement: Position the screen about 20-25 inches above the base of your plants. Ensure it’s taut and secure.
  4. Train Your Plants:
    • As your cannabis plants grow, gently weave the branches into the squares of the screen.
    • Focus on filling gaps and creating an even canopy. Regularly adjust and train branches to ensure optimal light exposure for all bud sites.
  5. Prune: Once your canopy is well established, consider pruning the undergrowth. This means removing leaves and branches that aren’t receiving light beneath the canopy. This directs the plant’s energy to the main bud sites.

Benefits of SCROG

  1. Optimal Light Utilization: With an even canopy, all the buds get consistent light exposure, leading to uniform growth.
  2. Maximized Yields: By directing the plant’s energy to the primary bud sites and optimizing light, SCROG can increase yields, especially in smaller growing spaces.
  3. Improved Airflow: The even spread of the canopy and removal of undergrowth promotes better airflow, reducing the risk of mold and pests.

Considerations for SCROG

  1. Time Commitment: SCROG requires regular attention, especially during the vegetative phase when you’ll be weaving and training your plants almost daily.
  2. Space: While SCROG maximizes space, you still need to ensure that your plants have ample room horizontally to spread across the screen.
  3. Gentle Handling: As you train your plants, handle them gently to avoid snapping branches.


SCROG, or Screen of Green, is a cultivation technique that, while demanding, can significantly enhance the quality and quantity of your homegrown cannabis harvest. With patience, attention to detail, and regular care, even novice growers can master the SCROG method, reaping its bountiful rewards. As with all cultivation techniques, practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if your first SCROG attempt isn’t flawless. With each grow cycle, you’ll hone your skills, inching closer to becoming a SCROGging maestro.